Sizing Your Pet


1. "Girth" —Measure around your dog at the widest part of the dog.  Normally this is around the dog’s ribs. 
2. "Back  —Measure form the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
3. "Neck" —Measure around the dog’s neck in an area where a loose collar would normally sit, a comfortable distance around your dog's neck.

4. “Chest”  Measure the dog from the edge of the shoulders across the middle of the dog to the other outer edge of the shoulder.



WOOFinista Products

WOOFinistas provides three styles of coats: the "Club" coat, the "Belgrave" (raincoat), and the "Lounger." Each coat can be customized from a range of fabric choices and personalized embroidery. Our coats are washable, and can be customized to include the dog's name or a logo (where possible).


Sizing Your Pet

To measure your pet you will need a soft measuring tape. You can likely pick one up at your local dollar store!

Have your dog stand up, with his or her head high.  This will enable you to take correct measurements. Using the chart, please  measure  the dog three times.  This will ensure that the measurement is accurate.  Our custom-made coats are sewn according to the measurements that you give us.


Custom coats range from $35 to $60.